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Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus

BCS Family, we understand the anxiety and concern involving the Coronavirus.  The safety and health of students and staff is always the priority and we want to give you as much information as possible regarding the current situation in Brunswick County Schools.  Here are some frequently asked questions right now regarding schools across the state as well as here in Brunswick County.

Please note, this information could change, posted 3/10/天津体育彩票网. We will make adjustments should there be any changes or additional information to pass along.



Is there guidance on school closures?


There are no school closure recommendations at present, or specific “what if” guidance. At present, schools should encourage staff and students who are ill to remain at 天津体育彩票网, and monitor symptoms seen in schools and absentee numbers.  BCS continues to work with local, state, and federal health departments and will follow guidelines and recommendations from these entities should the situation escalate.


Should we cancel planned out of state field trips?


There are currently no restrictions on travel within the United States. Circumstances and recommendations may be different when the time for a trip arrives. The National School Boards Association currently states that schools should “consider cancelling nonessential travel per travel guidance on the CDC website, including local and national field trips”.  


Do special cleaning recommendations exist?


In the current absence of any cases within schools, standard environmental cleaning processes are currently recommended. Collaboration with custodial staff and use of school approved products should be a part of any considered changes. Effective handwashing and cough/sneeze etiquette should be reinforced.  However, BCS custodial staff have been instructed to increase their cleaning efforts in the daily routines as an added precaution.


Should we use masks in schools for ill children or for nursing staff?


Current conditions do not warrant the use of masks. CDC does not recommend that members of the public who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. Ill children should be handled as per routine local district policy/procedure for any ill child at school.  

Should we screen visitors or ask about recent travel?


Screening practices are in place for those returning from travel to affected areas with local monitoring. Health officials are made aware of situations needing further follow-up. If such a situation involved children attending school the health department would reach out to provide guidance to the school. Schools are not expected at this time to be engaged in the COVID-19 screening process.  


Should immunocompromised students be advised to remain at 天津体育彩票网?


There are no recommendations for avoidance of normal activities for any children at the present time.  Concerned parents may contact the health care provider of their child with an immunocompromising condition and follow their guidance based on the status of their individual child.


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