• I FIRED BEN DOING: Throughout the school year we're taking a peek at some of the Brunswick County Schools' employees who are demonstrating the spirit of the  movement.   These dedicated people go above and beyond, finding innovative and creative ways to take our schools to the next level, in various capacities across the district.  We'll continue to post their stories as we spotlight an #IFiredBenDoing employee each week.

    (and for more information on the #IFiredBenDoing movement, check out Superintendent Dr. Oates's Blog that talks all about it:  )


    • Meet Ms. LaMora of  who created a Piano Lab that creates problem solvers via music on Day 1. See her feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Harrelson of . She connects with the students and in times of need, she's just what the community needs.  See her feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Biggs(formerly Cannon and interim principal at Lincoln Elementary) and Ms. Dixon of . They came up with a new intervention plan over the Summer months and put it in play when school started! See their feature here: 


    • Meet Oglatha Brown, Lori Warner, Tony McCray, and Brandon Bell of . They are the definition of Perfection.See their feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Mclaughlin. We caught up with her at  where the bus stops with helping hands.  See her feature here: 


    • Meet Diana Nail. We caught up with the literacy coach at  where small groups are finding success in big ways.  See her feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Black. She knows the power of engagement and uses it everyday at ! See her feature here: 


    • Meet Mr. Perry. This  Gator is "ALL IN"!  See his feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Wilson and Ms. Sotriffer. These Career Developement Coordinators are making sure our middle school students find courses that fit their personalities!  See their feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Cusick. This  Educator has more than 30 years of experience and is always looking for growth for everyone in the classroom! See her feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Weeks of . She found a way to make sure students on the go 'get' the nutrition they need! See her feature here: 


    • Meet Ms. Bryant of . She welcomed a different way to improve students’ reading levels and is already seeing a difference! See her feature here: 


    • Check out the teamwork by the  Custodial Crew and PTA to turn a hall into an Activity Avenue.
      Head Custodian Gene Knoblauch and PTA President Melissa Sherrod tell us about about it!  See their feature here: 


    • Meet 's Media Coordinator Jennifer Murphy who has made the media center the 天津体育彩票网 to sold-out events!  See her feature here: 


    • Check out what 's Media Specialist Natalie Caddell is doing with A-B-Cs for the Ks!  See her feature here: 


    • Meet South Brunswick High School's Julie Elliot and Elizabeth Burge who use videos to teach students at their own pace! See their feature here: