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Requests For Bids (Current Projects)

Brunswick County School Sites HVAC Maintenance

Addendum #1
Rocky Johnson No February 28, 天津体育彩票网 at 2pm 199 Sessions Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422
North Brunswick High, South Brunswick High,and West Brunswick High School Track Repairs
Addendum #1

Addendum #2
Greg Shuskey 910-274-1127 - mobile 910-253-1070 - office No but highly recommended February 24, 天津体育彩票网 10:00am at North Brunswick High School, 114 Scorpion Dr., Leland, NC 28461 March 11, 天津体育彩票网 at 1:00pm at Brunswick County Schools, Operations Conference room/ 199 Sessions Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422
Leland Middle School Accoustic Sound Panels Jack Doyle 910-253-1060 - office No February 27, 天津体育彩票网 at 2:00PM Bids can be hand delivered or mailed to Brunswick County Schools, Capital Projects, 199 Sessions Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422. Stonehenge Builders
Leland Middle School Leland Middle Canopy
addendum 1

Addendum #2
Jack Doyle 910-253-1060 - Office No but encouraged to attend February 26, 天津体育彩票网 at 2:00pm at Leland Middle School, 927 Old Fayetteville Rd., NE, Leland, NC 28451. Meet at front front entrance of school. Must obtain a visitor pass from the School Office. March 9, 天津体育彩票网 2:00pm Brunswick County Schools, Operations 199 Sessions Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422
Various Window Film Grady Watkins 910-274-1100 910-253-1077 No March 6, 天津体育彩票网 2:00 PM - Brunswick County Schools -Capital Projects - 199 Sessions Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422
VARIOUS Landscaping 天津体育彩票网
Addendums (1-4)
LARRY SMITH (910)508-8701 | LJSMITH@BCSWAN.NET Y 03/02/20 | 10AM |199 SESSIONS DR BOLIVIA, NC 28422 03/09/20 | 2PM | MAIL OR HAND DELIVER ONLY
West Brunswick High School WBHS Fieldhouse

Addendum #1

Addendum 2
Greg Shuskey 910-253-1070 - office 910-274-1127 - mobile No March 4, 天津体育彩票网 10:00am, BCS Operations Conference Room, 199 Sessions Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422 March 31, 天津体育彩票网 2:00pm Sealed Bids mailed or hand delivered to BCS Operations, 199 Sessions Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422
Leland Middle School Front Entry Canopy Addendum #3 Jack Doyle (910) 253-1060 | *Held 02/26/20* See Previous Entry 03/09/20 | 2PM | EMAIL, FAX, OR HAND DELIVER